Corinne Chaves

Corinne's passion is to introduce ancient healing practices to people so they can rebuild, strengthen and transform their essential energy and experience radical health improvement. Twenty years in corporate America gave Corinne an enviable edge with technical, people and management skills. However, she realized that the lifestyle was not healthy or sustainable. So, when her defining moment came, Corinne chose the "path less taken", following Daoist priest, Master Yun Xiang Tseng, continuing her path of transformation.

Corinne has been blessed with opportunities to study with true masters from traditional yogic and Daoist lineages. She began her journey of transformation at the age of fifteen with the study of yoga, which she pursued over the next thirty years. In 2002, while on the path to becoming a yogic priest, a friend invited Corinne to attend a lecture by internal martial arts and alchemy master, Master Yun Xiang Tseng. Their immediate connection opened the doorway to the study of Daoist internal arts and healing practices, Qi Gong and Tai Chi among them. The years of yoga practice had prepared her for the rigor and depth of Master Tseng’s teaching. This tutelage took Corinne to a place inside that led her to commit to following her teacher in his travels, as is traditional in this school. Over several visits, she spent the total of a year in China refining her skills and ultimately won Gold in the Women's Weapons division at the 5th International Wu Dang Tai Chi Competition in China in 2011.

Corinne has always been a teacher, beginning as a graduate teaching assistant in mathematics and computer science, and later introducing leading edge technologies and business innovation, she taught individuals, large and small groups and eventually was a visiting lecturer in Business and Philosophy at different universities. Simultaneously, Corinne began teaching yoga in college, establishing her own classes beginning in 1996. By integrating her extensive yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, philosophy and internal alchemy training with a study of Asian bodywork, she now brings ancient internal practices for improving health and increasing the quality of life. Her students thrive under her attention, patience and great caring. Her self-deprecating humor (yes, it is a bit British and dry) and sharp insight give a glimpse into her lifelong journey of self-discovery and transformation. Corinne’s teaching stories illuminate the healing process and demonstrate her understanding of the challenges along the path.

From early childhood, Corinne has had a healer’s inclination and intuition. Today, as an intuitive and highly skilled healer with a deep knowledge of the body and its internal energy patterns, she directly addresses the issues that her clients bring to the table. Through application of her skills she opens blockages allowing healing energy to flow naturally throughout the body. These skills also bring a uniquely relaxing as well as energizing quality to her bodywork.

Switzerland, China, Belgium, and Spain. These are some of the places Corinne has called home. Living in so many different cultures has given her an appreciation and understanding of human nature beyond cultural constructs. This gives her a unique ability to relate to the diversity of people who come across her path.
Certifications & Affiliations
Senior Qi Gong and Tai Chi Instructor: 2004, 2008, 2010 Chi for Longevity
26th generation Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate Sect) initiate (2006-present)
External Qi Healing: 2006 Chi for Longevity
Massage Therapy: Asian Bodywork 2003 Atlanta School of Massage, 2004 NCBTMB, (GA License #MT001468)
Yoga Teacher: 2002 Sivananda Yoga