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This is a different letter that I send today. I was recently invited to participate in a "blog tour" by my friend Jana Jopson. The purpose of the tour is to introduce us and you to inspired bloggers that we respect and want to share. To participate in the tour, we each had to answer four questions about why we write, what we are writing, what makes us diffrent and what is our creative process. My answers are below. To read Jana's answers to these questions please Click Here... where you can also visit her website: Jana and I first met years ago when she sampled a Qi Gong workshop. It has been my pleasure to become her friend and we continue to support each other's creative process with regular writing group sessions.

As part of the tour we also invite the next female entrepreneurial writer(s) to continue the tour next Monday. My friend Rufina Garay, a gifted chef, coach, Daoist practitioner and writer, will continue the flow next Monday and her answers will be avaiable on her website: To get a preview of her writing, please click here...


What am I working on?

I am currently blogging and writing articles to share my journey, the transformation I've experienced, techniques, recipes and stories with the hope of inspiration. I also have a book about my journey in progress, although I hesitate to mention it as it has of late been relatively untouched.

• How does my work differ from others of its genre?

This is the most challenging question. There are so many different perspectives that could be considered that inform why my work is different: the uniqueness of the life I've lived; the amazing teachers that I've had opportunity to study with; or my personal path of transformation. But after much thought, I find that my work differs perhaps because of my belief that each and every reader has the capacity to change their life to live in harmony with their broader purpose and that when I write, perhaps they will find, hidden in the words and stories, exactly what they need to hear in order to initiate, support, complete their own journey of transformation, independent of my knowing or awareness.

When inspiration comes, I don't know who will read what is penned, but I believe that it will reach its intended audience, because everything is part of the grand design, from the falling of a single leaf in autumn to the flowing of words on the current of inspiration.

How does my writing/creating process work?

Writing is an intuitive process for me. I place the intention out in the universe and then allow it to percolate. I start entertaining ideas and topics, considering whether the topic is suitable for the season, weather, current political atmosphere, and other cultural phenomena such as festival days, holidays, political environment, or whatever may be of interest at the time.

Then I wait for the "aha", the inspiration; for spirit to give a topic, a first line, a direction. When that inspiration surfaces I let it lead me through the topic; to provide the content. When I am "inspired", the topics flow of their own accord and the words find their way onto paper in their own cadence and rhythm. The key is to listen, to pay attention. If I let myself be too distracted or entertained, then there is no room left for imagination.

Once spirit is involved I just try to keep my "editor" mind out of the way, so that nothing will impede the flow.

Why do I write what I do?

Write is on tool in my broader life work. My ultimate intent is to plant seeds, to teach, to provide tools for self-healing. I believe that my personal experience in learning and studying is also a teaching tool for others, if only to shine the light of possibility. I seek a modern voice that people can relate to, that will intrigue them, possibly to bring them to the foot of the path so that they will begin to reclaim their lives, their health, their natural talents and gifts, to live harmoniously, happily, and healthily. I have received the most amazing gifts in the form of truly remarkable teachers, and I feel it is my responsibility to share what I have learned.

I hope you enjoyed this blog tour!


0 #2 Julia 2014-07-04 15:39
Great post, Corrine.
0 #1 Jana 2014-06-03 18:02
I was so moved by your trust and faith that your readers may find "exactly what they need to hear in order to initiate, support, complete their own journey of transformation, independent of my knowing or awareness." How often have I given thanks for something I read that fed me deeply, unbeknownst to the writer ... who is perhaps not even still in physical form. Much appreciation to you for sharing from your full heart, Corrine.

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