Going Beyond Basic Health

The Daoist tradition focuses on the cultivation of both the mental/emotional and the physical aspects of our self concurrently. There is recognition that the cultivation of both is needed. Master Chen, my teacher, talks about building a super-sonic jet (the body) and training a Super Pilot (the spirit) in order to travel to heaven. To support the burning of jet fuel (high frequency energy) we have to have a strong body with smooth, heavy gauge wiring.

The Super Pilot is developed through the processing and clearing of old, limiting mental and emotional patterns. Master Chen refers to this as cultivating the Master Within. The consequent refinement of our energetic frequency and vibration lets us to bring in more voltage, more electricity, higher quality and quantity of energy, jet fuel. The yogic and Buddhist Kundalini awakening, and the Daoist opening of the Micro-Cosmic Orbit are indicators of a major shift in the amount of energy we are circulating.

The super-sonic jet, the physical body, is like a battery or electrical wire. Depending on its health, the body is capable of holding a certain amount of power and is capable of carrying a defined amount of energy. If you try to pass more energy through the body’s channels or to put more power into the body than it is capable of carrying, the body, battery or wire will burn up. If you open up the energetic pathways without cultivating physical health there is a risk of illness, physical and mental, as the energy burns through clogged and dirty passageways, stored and repressed emotions.

The practices of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, meditation and yoga not only help us achieve improved health and longevity, but also smooth our energetic pathways, refine and strengthen our bodies so that we can carry higher quality jet fuel. With determination and discipline we can rebuild, strengthen and transform our bodies until they are capable of carrying the highest voltages, until they become supersonic jets.

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