January 2014 Newsletter

I hope you stayed warm during this last deep chill. Tomorrow (Wednesday) is the last full moon of the Year of the Water Snake. This is a good day to meditate and engage the energy of the moon. Traditionally, the period between now and the end of the lunar year is all about cleaning and organizing; preparing for the Kitchen God’s report to heaven; and shopping and cooking for the two week celebration of the Lunar New Year which goes from lunar new year’s eve until the Lantern Festival. The Lantern Festival falls on the first full moon of the year which will be February 14th this year. January 31st marks the beginning of the Year of the Horse in its Wood phase. To learn more about the exciting Horse energy that is galloping in check out this article.

Kitchen God

Mid Winter Home Cleaning

The Kitchen God visits with us on a regular basis and is responsible for making a once-a-year report back to heaven about the goings-on in the household. To support a good report, it is traditional to do a deep cleaning of the house and, especially, the kitchen in advance of this reporting period. This year the reporting day is January 23rd.


Happy 2014!

Wishing you a wonderful 2014! As this New Year dawns with a new moon, a shift of the sun's energy poles, and the stage set for reflection, internal growth and transformation, I wish you a powerful year of growth!

New Moon, New Year, new me, new you
Standing at the edge of new beginnings
Facing forward, sometimes looking back over the shoulder,
Seeing the lessons, the lines learned,
The patterns set, shaped, broken, and reshaped
Following the path with each step taken
With joy in heart and love ne'er shaken

May the year bring you much joy and happiness, even in the times of challenge, may perspective color your vision and support you through the year, and may you find ease in creating new patterns and new beginnings in 2014.

With love,

 The Path to Health Begins with Essential Energy


Birth of the Immortal Spirit

A question and sudden flash of insight came to me in the midst of all the Christmas rush.  What is Christmas really about?  As a child Christmas was not just about tradition and celebration.  My fondest memories of Christmas center on the cozy family time of Christmas day, when we would stay in our pajamas until mid-afternoon or later, we ate a wonderful assortment of foods that didn't have to be cooked, we indulged in chocolate and cookies, we played games, read books, gathered by the fire and spent a wonderful day to ourselves, maybe going for a walk in the afternoon.  I loved the calm quiet of a city at rest and the feeling of serenity that comes when everyone in the country is still.

I was recently asked if, as a Taoist, I still celebrated Christmas.


December 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,


Five Element TreeI wish you a warm and wonderful holiday spent with good friends, family, fine food, and with lots of time for rest and recharging!

The winter solstice is upon us, and we are in the darkest days of the year. But, as is cyclical nature, at the culmination and transition of the cycle, we can reap the most powerful healing and personal transformation. The challenge of balancing the pull to meet the needs of the holidays and to withdraw to nurture our own spirit is here. Even 10 minutes a day spent in contemplation can provide you with the inner resources to weather the demands of the outside world. Soon the nights will become noticeably shorter as the days begin to lengthen and spring approaches. It is most natural to want to sleep more, to retreat into our individual nests and to take time to nurture our spirits during this time.


Bringing Spirit Home

Today the idea of vibrational frequency is widely bandied about and people talk about shifting their energy and improving their frequency. What does this mean and how does it relate to Saints, Angels, Spirit and Immortals?

The core principle is that all things are energy. The energy in each thing vibrates at different rates, with different amplitudes. Amplitude is like the size of waves at the beach: some things/people have 6 foot waves crashing on the beach and some are gentle ripples lapping at the shore. For our purposes I'm going to call this combination of rate and amplitude "frequency". (The scientists amongst my readers please forgive me for taking liberty with scientific terms!)