November 2013 Newsletter

Dear Friends,


I hope this letter finds you enjoying this fleeting autumn and welcoming the first taste of winter. The crispness of the nights and the lovely warmth of the days energize and focus us as we prepare for winter and this time of nesting and internalization.

Welcome to my new newsletter, blog, and website,, which focus on tools for YOUR energetic, physical, mental and spiritual health. Here you can find tools, techniques and support as you take action to improve the quality of your body, mind and spirit.



Owl Wisdom

owlwisdomThis is a story about finding a place to live, the magic of synchronicity, and listening to intuition and the messages in nature.

When I moved back to Atlanta earlier this year, I wanted to live in a loft.  The only problem was that lofts are generally in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city.  After these past years of living in remote places, access to nature and quiet were important requirements of my new living space.  When the time came to get my own place (after much kindness of friends and family putting me up!) I perused Craigslist and drove through neighborhoods that were appealing.


Winter Rice Porridge

Congee or rice porridge is a staple of the Chinese diet.  Congee can be sweet or savory, and with different combinations of herbs, congee can generate healing energy and be a most nourishing soup.  During winter we can add warming herbs such as cinnamon and clove or focus the healing quality of the congee to the kidneys and water phase by adding black rice, black sesame seeds or other kidney tonifying foods and spices. I hope you will enjoy this recipe for a nurturing and warming variation on a classic Chinese rice porridge:


Warm Winter Congee


Meditation Basics

Meditating in the Monkey Valley, Wu Dang, ChinaMeditative practices are the root of many of the world’s ancient spiritual traditions and are  recognized by western science and modern traditions as being beneficial to health and longevity. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism each have huge stores of physical and mental exercises that have been developed all with one purpose: to make it easier to meditate and achieve deep internal stillness. Taiji, Yoga, Qigong, chanting mantras, cultivation of concentration, vegetarian and sattvic diets all have a core purpose beyond improved health and longevity: to allow us to sit in meditation without distraction.

If you’ve ever tried to meditate you know that sitting without distraction can be hugely challenging. The good news is that it does become easier and that there are many, many techniques and tools for making it easier. The other good news is that benefits of meditation show up immediately, making it easier to choose to meditate.

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