Celebrating Freedom

July 4, 2014
Independence Day

Dear Friends,
Signing of the Declaration of Independence Source: wikimediaWishing you a wonderfully fun day with family and friends, on this day of celebration! I am continually reminded of the amazing good fortune we have to live in this country of independence. I live in an area of town with many immigrants from all around the globe. Sixty eight languages are spoken by the children in the local school system. Many come from war torn countries whose leaders are neglectful of their primary responsibility to nurture and foster the wellbeing of their citizens. When I see the colorful attire, especially that of the women and girls, which identifies both country of origin, and often religion, I am again reminded of the freedoms for which I am grateful.



Ride the Tiny Moment of Now

Now... the moment both tiny and infinite
Strands across the eons
Illuminated through connection
Time Spiral from Wikimedia
To the tiny moment of now.
Filaments that thrum as thoughts
dreams and feelings
Evoke the notes of everywhen
To ride the tiny moment of now.
Stepping out of time to glimpse another thread
Another life's time, another now, another then
Collapsing in,
To this tiny moment of now.
This tiny moment of now
Expanding outward
Revealing all times, all nows, all thens
To ride this, my tiny moment of now.
Corinne Chaves, June 2014
Inspired by "Awaken the Inner Shaman: A Guide to the Power Path of the Heart" by Jose Luis Stevens.

Blog Tour June 2014

This is a different letter that I send today. I was recently invited to participate in a "blog tour" by my friend Jana Jopson. The purpose of the tour is to introduce us and you to inspired bloggers that we respect and want to share. To participate in the tour, we each had to answer four questions about why we write, what we are writing, what makes us diffrent and what is our creative process. My answers are below. To read Jana's answers to these questions please Click Here... where you can also visit her website: Jana and I first met years ago when she sampled a Qi Gong workshop. It has been my pleasure to become her friend and we continue to support each other's creative process with regular writing group sessions.

As part of the tour we also invite the next female entrepreneurial writer(s) to continue the tour next Monday. My friend Rufina Garay, a gifted chef, coach, Daoist practitioner and writer, will continue the flow next Monday and her answers will be avaiable on her website: To get a preview of her writing, please click here...



Choosing our Own Path; Taking Control of Our Health

Choose Your Path

I have been struck by the beauty of an azalea that is just now blooming outside my door.

azalea1It is a late bloomer... The rest of the azaleas have already exploded in a well-timed orchestration of color: whites along the driveway, reds around the house, pinks in the courtyard, each coming in and out of bloom in accord with the early springtime clock. They've already donned their more modest green cloaks of summer. But this variegated pink and white azalea blooms to its own clock, its own rhythm, its own frequency.


We Are All Connected by the Web of Spirit

"Truly, the greatest gift you have to give is that of your own self-transformation."

Lao Zi, Hua Hu Ching, Chapter 75

I like to think of us as interconnected beings, each at the center of a large spider web and at each interstice of the web another person is at the center of their own web, and so on and so on, each connected to a vast network of spider webs that stretches in all directions. As with a spider's web, if I push or pull on a point on the web, all of the nearby intersections move in the direction of the push or pull. If I walk along the web, wiggle or move, think a positive thought or fall into drama, the reverberations from those actions flow outward from my center and impact everyone on the web.