Summer Saturdays 2017

Saturdays July 15, August 12, September 23
Live in Harmony with the Seasons: Summer
Saturday July 15th
Living in Harmony with Nature is key for health and longevity. Each season brings its own energetic nature to which we adapt for optimum health. Explore the principles of summer, Fire Phase, which rules circulation, assimilation, metabolism, and the fire organs (heart, pericardium, small intestine, and triple warmer.) Bringing together meridian flow, Qi Gong exercises, lifestyle and diet to support health during summer.
Feng Shui for Health and Well-Being: An Introduction
Saturday August 12th
Feng Shui is the science of placement of our home in relationship to the environment and the shape and arrangement of the interiors to improve harmony with the world around us. While many schools of Feng Shui exist, in this workshop we'll introduce basic concepts and considerations of Feng Shui and principles to consider to promote health and well-being.
Introduction to Tai Chi and Qi Gong for Health 
Saturday September 23
Learn about Qi/Energy, its relationship to health, the body and simple exercises to improve energy and immune function, reduce stress, improve heart function, improve cognition and enhance overall well-being. Harvard Medical School's Women's Health Watch says, "Tai Chis is often described as meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion." Suitable for all health levels.
Cost: $35 per individual class or $95 for the series.
Location: Tucker, GA, Massage Associates of Atlanta 5165 LaVista Rd Tucker, GA 30084
Information/Questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Qi Gong Level 1 Teacher Certification

150 Days of Practice and Skill Development

While intended for instructors, this program gives you the opportunity to deepen your personal practice and transformation. You will be challenged to learn and practice the forms over the 150 day period and to rebuild and strengthen your foundation while gaining the depth of knowledge to teach.

Level 1: Rebuild, Teacher Certification Learn basic theory and philosophy underlying Qi Gong and Tai Chi and in-depth Tai Chi Qi Gong 18 Movements Part 1, Wu Dang Hun Yuan Yang Sheng Qi Gong 1 (Primordial), Ba Duan Jin (8 Pieces Brocade), Incense Qi Gong, Dao Yin, basic meditation and a variety of foundational warm up exercises.

Corinne has been authorized to teach instructor level courses by her teacher, Wu Dang Chen.

6 Sundays, 9am - 5pm
September 24, October 22, November 12, December 10, 2017
January 14, February 11, 2018

Location: 5165 Lavista Rd., Tucker, GA 30084 
Cost: $750 for all 6 Sundays and certification testing (Register by September 10 for $50 early registration discount.)
minimum 4 students, maximum 10 students.
Registration: Contact Corinne 970-286-4858, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.